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Eau d'Italie as seen in Bella Magazine...

... and available online at Beauty Frontier

Jasmine Leather Eau de Parfum by Eau d'Italie: Around the World in 9 Alluring Scents

Your travel plans may be temporarily postponed, but the sky's the limit with these sensational destination scents. Light the way with a candle or get instantly swept away in just a spritz or passport necessary!

Florence The newest launch from Eau d’Italie le Sirenuse Positano, Jasmine Leather Eau de Parfum opens with the warm spiciness of elemi and saffron, then the heart marries jasmine and leather, a wedding of scents both sensual and exotic that is sexy and earthy. The fragrance is a nod to Florentine fashionistas of long ago who scented their gloves with precious jasmine, leaving an alluring trail of fragrance.

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