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Ligne St. Barth as seen in Caviar Affair Magazine...

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Global Brand, Local Luxury - Unisex Anti-aging botanicals keep it simple—for men, too

Product beauty shot Top Left: Ligne St. Barth’s curative formulas are based on naturopathic remedies dating back generations. CEO Herve Brin is quick to say “our products’ healing comes from plants with purpose,” noting that his grandmother's concoctions are still the barometer for maintaining levels of excellence.

Product beauty shot Bottom Right: the unisex anti-aging botanicals in Ligne St.Barth keep it simple—for men, too. Packed with natural active substances from tropical mango, coconut and shea butter, each product is lightly scented with the Eau de Toilette’s fragrance – a hint of lemon, subtly tangy and aromatic, with a soupçon of salty surf.

Ligne St. Barth is one of those in-the-know brands that has empowered many an understated, prestigious group of jetsetters for decades. It’s common knowledge that fashionistas, business titans and supermodels had carry-on bags full of Ligne St. Barth healing oils, gels and creams in repurposed, hand-labeled rum bottles—before the whole world was forced to change packing habits. The solution? These olfactory emulsions have remained and evolved into resultsoriented, targeted solutions in perfect little packages that keep our skin and bodies youthful.

These super emollient-based unisex skincare creams and lotions and their maintenance tier of Ligne St. Barth are impressive. Sunbather or not, I urge everyone (especially men) to do a head-to-toe scrub for regeneration and to keep even skin color just from being in the outdoor tropics. First, use PAPAYA PEELING SHOWER CREAM and their CREAM MASK WITH PINK CLAY AND PASSIONFRUIT. Twice a day I’d use FRANGIPANI FLOWER CLEANSING MILK with Aloe vera, mango butter and sweet almond oil, a luxurious treatment cleanser for anyone, but really great for fair, sensitive or sun-parched skin. Showering can be the best part of our day. Heighten that experience with AMBER & VANILLA SHOWER CREAM or EXTRA MILD SHOWER GEL WITH VETYVER & LAVENDER. The MELON TONIC LOTION is the perfect post-cleanse spray toner or gym/sport item for any human needing a fresh reset while out and about.

The brand’s St. Barths origins have been producing raw and quite potent formulas dating back to the founding families’ generations of medicine women’s type of naturopathic remedies. Why is it that we still use pure avocados, aloe pulp or squeezed mango-lime juice with herbs as a topical antiseptic, to cure burns, soothe aches or slow down skin aging? Because they work. Ligne St. Barth’s founder, Hervé Brin, was quick to say “our product’s healing comes from plants with purpose” noting that his grandmother’s concoctions are the barometer for maintaining levels of excellence. While our conversation toggled my poor “Frenglish,” we laughingly landed on the same thing: A childhood spent with a botanical pharmacy growing in his backyard is precisely why the brand’s curative skincare ethos revolves around potent, live actives. No wonder.

What about pool-hopping, a beach or sail day? Here’s what I’d toss into my sailor’s duffle: SUNSPLASH FACE & BODY SPLASH for dockside refreshing; ALOE VERA GEL WITH MINT as an after shave or post-sun soother; AVOCADO HAIR & SKIN OIL or COCONUT DRY OIL as a daytime/sun hair treatment and preshampoo protectant.

And definitely pack a travel size of LIGNE ST. BARTH EAU DE TOILETTE HOMME spray just in case, or PATCHOULI ARAWAK EAU DE TOILETTE if a tête-à-tête is on the horizon.

Lucky me. Almost a decade ago, a hotel chain owner in St. Martin gave me the entire Ligne St. Barth Homme men’s line as a welcome basket from his luxury resort. As a veteran beauty editor covering antiaging skincare and spa, I have to use and test my mature skin with hundreds of products regularly. I use layers of serums, plumpers, lifters and line reducing creams because I have to. And I love that.

Here’s the rub; as a man, if my career didn’t demand such a complex regimen, Ligne St. Barth would be shortlisted as a go-to mainstay. Because the potency that comprises MOISTURIZING FACIAL FLUID for men is primarily mango seed oil, Caribbean sea water (genius) and shea butter, there’s an unrivaled delivery of pure unsaturated fatty acids that feeds the skin. This penetration boosts our body’s natural collagen production—where we need it most—on our face and decolletage. The latter applies to men’s shrink marks, from necks to pecs. Further, this absorbable facial fluid hydrates just like a cream, but feels light and matte as a shine-free treatment. A yachtsman’s best friend? After a full day of wind and sun, RICH MANGO BUTTER CREAM restores elasticity and facial firmness, replacing nutrients robbed by the island’s natural elements. But the best evening elixir by far is the RELAXING BODY OIL WITH CAMPHOR & MENTHOL for soothing aches or sore legs.

Ligne St. Barth’s body line is renowned for supple skin. While featured locally at the famed EDEN ROCK HOTEL, you could also have your island host or concierge book a spectacular facial, body treatment, full range of massages or a men’s rapid head, hands and foot service, on-yacht or poolside. Back on the mainland? Purchase at OR You may never just towel-dry yourself again.

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