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ALTAIA, Atacama, Eau de Parfum, Beauty Frontier

ALTAIA Atacama Eau de Parfum as seen on

...and available online at Beauty Frontier

The Best New Spring And Summer 2021 Fragrances

After a year spent homebound in sweatpants, the start of a new season has never felt so symbolic. Spring, just before summer arrives, is always a time of renewal and that’s especially true this year. It’s not like you ever need an excuse to add to your fragrance collection, but as we’re all getting a fresh start, a new scent to compliment that is the perfect way to celebrate the return to (the new) normal. Whether you prefer something bold and beautiful, dainty and delicious, or a scent that’s as unique as you are, there’s something for everyone with the best new spring and summer 2021 fragrances. Start spritzing and you’ll see what we mean.

Take a trip to Atacama, the highest desert on the planet, standing just beyond the northwest border of Argentina. The expanse of salt and sands changes color with the seasons. Allegedly the driest place on earth, where rain is scarce, this eau de parfum captures what a few drops of rain can do, turning the ground pink with flowers. That metaphor for love is captured with notes of salt grains, freesia, jasmine, clary sage, tonka bean and cashmere wood. The fragrance smells like the desert when it’s heavy with rain, just before the first drops fall.

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