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Easy To Love Eau de Parfum by Eau d'Italie: L'Officiel Nose: Sebastian Alvarez Murena and Marina Sersale of Eau d'Italie

A 15th-anniversary tribute to effortless Italian allure, the duo's latest creation is Easy to Love in more than name.

Marina Sersale and Sebastián Alvarez Murena both initially came from worlds outside of fragrance, but a burning Italian passion would lead them to become both professional and life partners. A freelance documentary filmmaker and a journalist for Argentinian newspaper “La Nación” respectively, the two met in Positano at Sersale’s cousin Antonio’s birthday celebration in October 2001. Antonio, who also runs the family hotel Le Sirenuse, was just one of many mutual friends, but it took this chance encounter to finally bring the couple together. The hotel had turned 50 in 2001, but 9/11 left the family feeling anything but celebratory, so the next year, Sersale and Murena got together with a few of her relatives to conceptualize a fragrance to mark the anniversary. Eau d’Italie was born as a fragrance that would capture the warm, herbal essences of both Positano summers and Le Sirenuse, and it would ultimately become a full line that touches on a range of distinctive elements of the coastal Italian town.

Fifteen years after the initial fragrance’s release, Sersale and Murena are now celebrating an anniversary for their own brand.  Rather than picking another specific olfactory memory to emphasize, the duo went more abstract, choosing to celebrate their effortless passion for Italy. Easy to Love features notes including white currant, fig, white peony, and honey, creating a mix of florals and fruits to match the timeless, seductive beauty of Italy. The fragrance has a versatile, warm energy perfect for summer travel, so Murena matched it to a pleasure read, Italian music, and a lively period in recent history.

If your fragrance was the star of its own movie, which actor would play the starring role? 

Actor, Marcello Mastroianni. Actress, Sofia Loren.

What colors does your fragrance smell like? 

Deep red and green.

Which place in the world does your fragrance encapsulate best?


If you had to place your fragrance in an iconic decade past, which one would it be? 

The late 1960s.

What item from your wardrobe would you compare your scent to?

Easy to Love is that item of your wardrobe you always go to because you know it will be smart when smart is needed, cool when cool is needed, or both at the same time. We all have one of those!

What genre of music do you think your fragrance most aligns with and why? 

The kind of music that when you hear it, you immediately love. Pop music, in a way, but the kind of pop that never gets old.

If your fragrance had a night out on the town, what drink would it order at the bar? 

It would order a Negroni, most definitely.

If you were to relate your new scent to a book, what would it be? Why?

Gabriele d’Annunzio’s “Pleasure”. Because Easy to Love embodies main character Andrea Sperelli’s love for beauty in all things in life.

If your new fragrance had a soundtrack, what three sounds would play once you spray the scent?

"Torna a Surriento" by Benjamin Gigli, “Ti amo” by Umberto Tozzi”, and “Non sarà un avventura” by Lucio Battisti.

If it wasn’t called Easy to Love, what would it be called?

Italian Cool & Sexy.

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