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New York Lifestyles Magazine (November 2020)

Eau d'Italie, Jasmine Leather, Eau de Parfum, Beauty Frontier

Eau d'Italie as seen in New York Lifestyles Magazine...

...and available online at Beauty Frontier

Jasmine Leather by Eau d'Italie: Life & Style Holiday Gift Guide 2020

For Her: Scent from Italy

Eau d’Italie Jasmine Leather the latest fragrance arrives on the holiday scene accompanied by a fascinating history dating back to the Florentine Renaissance. Evidently, back then it was customary to scent gloves, vests, and other leather items. Topping the list of essences was Jasmine, found to pair bewitchingly with leather. Today, notes of elemi, saffron, patchouli and cedar ensure Jasmine Leather will be one of the season’s most coveted new fragrances!

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