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Eau d'Italie, Jasmine Leather, Eau de Parfum, Beauty Frontier

Eau d'Italie as seen in Out Magazine...

...and available online at Beauty Frontier

Sometimes The Perfect Scent — In The Perfect Spot — Is Precisely What You Need

Fragrance, by definition, is moody. It should be defining and sensual, create a positive response, and (hopefully) produce sexual attraction. But how much of the right scent in the right place makes you memorable, powerful, or confident? The best scent should appear to be part of your very DNA. Sounds easy enough — but it’s not!

Know this: Enormous amounts of behind-the-scenes love, science, herbology, passion, romance, and sexuality are poured into testing these olfactory creations. To keep up with the high-end rarity of the luxury boutique fragrance markets, big-name fashion houses have rolled out some exquisite couture scents for those who rule the world. And now so can you.

The fragrances that follow are worthy of our attention. The herbs, flowers, oils, and foliage that go into these masterpieces have a very long list of top, mid, and base notes. I’ve noted a few standout ingredients but didn’t want to get too much into the weeds. 

One quick note: Spray on fabric, not yourbare chest and neck for lung longevity and to avoid skin spotting. Also, the more formal, decidedly evening fragrances are strong and can arrive well before you do. So one small spritz between the wrists then smushed behind your ears is precisely just enough for daytime use. Let’s see where that takes you.

Eau d'Italie presents an unstoppable sex scent, Jasmine Leather (doesn’t it sound like a winning contestant’s name on RuPaul’s Drag Race?). It features elemi, saffron, jasmine, patchouli, and cedar, which defined a level of Renaissance-era class when people scented leather wardrobes.

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