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Don't Cry for Me Eau de Parfum by ALTAIA: Six Scents to SwearBy from Jessica Matlin, Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Director and Fat Mascara Podcaster

Fragrance might seem like another category in the litany of beauty products, but to Jessica Matlin, beauty director at Harper’s Bazaar and co-host of the award-winning beauty podcast Fat Mascara, fragrances are exquisite. “Perfume is very complex and it’s not often appreciated for the science that it is. To me, fragrance is very emotional in a way that other products are not. It gives you a feeling, whether it’s transporting you to a different place or letting you embody a different persona.” Jessica is passionate, sharp-witted and super knowledgeable when it comes to her beauty insights—so with this much breadth of wisdom in a constantly evolving industry, how does she choose the scents that truly stick out? “Fragrance preferences are like music—you might be obsessed with a band or a song, but it might not do anything for your friend. To me, it has to—no pun intended—strike a chord with you.”

Don't Cry For Me by ALTAIA

“This one is very similar to Lilac Path, but this is jasmine; it smells like jasmine and fresh air, and it’s the kind of fragrance you can put on and just not think about. It smells like the real deal.”

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