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Tuberose in Blue as seen on

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Tuberose in Blue by ALTAIA: White Floral Fragrances from the December Issue - Tuberose is taking over for fall...

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Florals for fall? Now, that's something worth talking about. This season, tuberose is the talk about town as the core ingredient of a few of our favorite fragrances. Brands have blended the pretty white flower with everything from coffee to rose for a whole new take on a not-so-new note.

ALTAIA Tuberose in Blue: Woody notes blend with white florals to create the latest addition to the limited albeit luxurious collection of Altaia fragrances. Tuberose, neroli, and cedar wood are among some of the defining notes of Tuberose in Blue, a musky, but sweet scent. ($210)