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Born amidst the fields of the Bitter Orange and Centifolia trees, the Roux family has been a pillar of the world-renown Grasse perfume industry for generations.

Virginie and Antoine Roux created Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger in 1998 from their shared passion for the regional flowers and fragrances which have molded their Provence landscape and families, for generations.

The couple grew up with fond memories of the comforting scents of the Bitter Orange and rose centifolia flowers, what has become the brand's statement scents.

Virginie and Antoine have chosen to pursue their passions by further developing their family tradition in the Grasse perfume industry by cultivating the legendary resources of their surroundings. Together, they have created a timeless bridge linking their historical past to their passionate present and very exciting future with a high-quality line of authentic, haute de gamme perfumes such as Neroli Blanc and Les Inedits Collection.

La Colle sur Loup was one of the region's greatest suppliers of Bitter Orange Blossom and Centifolia Rose, until the winter of 1956, when the village suffered 25 days of freezing temperatures. To the devastation of the community, all but a few Orange Blossom trees perished. Today, the oldest existing Orange Blossom tree in La Colle sur Loup still stands, proudly and symbolically, in the garden of Virginie and Antoine Roux.