Rosa Greta Eau de Parfum Tester

Rosa Greta Eau de Parfum Tester

It was spring 1938 when, at the height of her glory, Greta Garbo suddenly vanished from Hollywood life.

A few weeks later the paparazzi discovered her secret hideaway, a stunning villa in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, her windows overlooking the blue of the Mediterranean and the gardens fragrant with blooming clusters of the famous Ravello Rose.

Garbo the divine shone again in all her light, having lived moments of secret happiness with her new lover. From then on, she became her real self. Love, the sea, the sky and the roses had done the miracle.

Her presence in Ravello was never forgotten, and to this tale of love and life Eau d’Italie dedicates its new Eau de Parfum, Rosa Greta.

Forever divine.

Top: Litchi, White Tea
Middle: Rose Bud, Damascus Rose Infusion
Base: Cedarwood, Ambrox

This bottle is a tester and does not come with a box. No Returns, Refunds, or Exchanges.