Ligne St. Barth Homme L'Original Eau de Parfum - details below

Bubbles and Cherries

Ligne St. Barth Homme Eau de Parfum - opens in new tab

Ligne St. Barth Homme Eau de Parfum for Men as seen on Bubbles and Cherries Magazine...

and available online at Beauty Frontier

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Ligne St. Barth Homme Eau de Parfum

Invigorating and masculine fragrances that will transport you to a Caribbean paradise: Islander: A modern twist on Bay Rum, sexy and enticing, enhanced with Caribbean spices. Vetiver: Smokey green and sensual. l'Original: The invigorating fragrance of lavender, rosemary, and lime, alongside elegant aromatic notes of anise, and tropical orange blossom.

Photo in article by David Lewis Taylor

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