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Eau d'Italie Mystic Sunset - Plus Some Insights From Sebastian Alvarez Murena

Mystic Sunset by Eau d'Italie

Mystic Sunset is a modern gourmand fruity-floral fragrance that joined the Eau d'Italie collection in 2022. Officially described as irresistible and unforgettable, the scent blends osmanthus, cassis, jasmine, saffron, sugar, and cedar wood, pervading a thoughtful, artistic expression of calm and happiness. It is an homage to the soul-warming sunsets of Positano - among the most famous in the world. Watching the brilliant red orb of the sun slide behind the cliffs in Positano is a nightly ritual in the Summer from the terrace at the iconic Le Sirenuse - still owned by the Sersale family after 70 years.

Viewed from the sea, the cliffside village of Positano is set in a breathtaking vertical panorama of colors: the green of the Monti, the white, pink, and yellow of the Mediterranean houses, the silvery grey of pebble beaches, and the blue of the sea. In this beautiful location, Sebastian Alvarez Mureno and Marina Sersale, the founders of the lines Eau d'Italie and ALTAIA, find inspiration to create their perfumes. Through her father, Marina Sersale is part of the Sersale family that founded and still owns the famous and award-winning 5-star hotel, an individual, eclectic, and beautifully curated place. Movie stars such as Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Fellini, but also Jackie Onassis, and many others used to enjoy staying at this little corner of Paradise and have been an endless source of inspiration for Eau d'Italie perfumes (see Un Bateau pour Capri inspired by Grace Kelly boarding a wooden Riva speedboat headed to Capri). As I understood, also David Bowie was a guest of Le Sirenuse and became a fan of the signature Eau d'Italie perfume.

Mystic Sunset is a scent that has been well-received, and it is not hard to understand why. It captivates me so readily. Moderately sweet, slightly juicy, and comfortably warm, Mystic Sunset is right up my alley, as I am fond of perfumes that exhibit cozy and relaxing themes, such as the smell of vacation and sun-kissed skin.

There are several olfactory ways to depict the feeling of solar warmth in which you let your body soften while dozing on a sandy beach after a swim in the refreshing waves. Usually, these perfumes contain accords reminiscent of sun cream: tropical flowers, vanilla pods, amber, and sometimes some salty notes to reproduce the idea of seawater. I think Mystic Sunset conjures up far-away, white sand beaches and sun-tanned warm bodies in a sophisticated and serene way without being too forceful with the theme. I imagine the murmur of the voices of those who leave the beach late, slowly heading towards the bar by the sea for a cocktail before dinner, pleasant muted music in the background while the increasingly incandescent sun is about to set in the calm sea. And while enjoying the first sip of Aperol Spritz with eyes closed, you find yourself relieved to know the loud notes of coconut, tiare, and vanilla were forgotten by the boatmen on the island of Mainstream Summer Flankers—no trace of those in Mystic Sunset.

On the one hand, I feel caressed by the honeyed, ripe, and at the same time effervescent tones of osmanthus combined with a completely non-indolic solar jasmine, and on the other, I'm warmed by a firm structure offered by saffron and woody notes with some decadent crème-brûlée breezes towards the base. The perfume brings a delicious aroma that will remain on the skin from sunset to sunrise. Since the multifaceted saffron can be quite a difficult note for some, I must specify that here, despite being pronounced, it doesn't feel metallic, leathery, or medicinal, but it arises at the surface to suggest warmth through its piquant quality. 

As I see it, this is a delightful scent, luxuriously rich and long-lasting, that artfully braids together character, passion, and fun, and I would love to keep it at hand in a large canvas bag on my next holiday.

I had the opportunity to ask Sebastian Alvarez Murena (one of the founders of the Eau d'Italie and ALTAIA lines) a few questions about his brands and would like to share with you his answers:

Could you please tell us how it all started for you?

Eau d'Italie was born over twenty years ago for the 50th anniversary of Hotel Le Sirenuse. We decided to make a fragrance that would encapsulate the sensations of being on the terrace of the hotel, and we did so by working around a note of terracotta heated by the sun, the terracotta of the tiles and vases on the terrace. ALTAIA was born later on when Marina and I discovered the extraordinary connection between our families well before we met in Positano in 2001. In the mid-nineteen century, my great-great-great grandfather, General Bartolomé Mitre, became Argentina's first president. He passed a decree allowing foreigners to invest in Argentina, and there entered the scene a remarkable man called James Morrison, Marina's great-great-great-grandfather, who, from humble origins at the age of 32, had amassed one of the greatest fortunes in the United Kingdom. His family went to Argentina and built the railways, acting on the decree my ancestor had issued. 

And so we came up with the ALTAIA brand name, which stands for 'A Long Time Ago In Argentina.'

What role did perfume play in your life before you founded your brands? 

We've always been perfume lovers and enjoy both personal and home fragrances.

How would you define the style of your perfumes?

Contemporary, elegant, balanced (or at least we hope so!)

How do you source your ingredients?

We don't; the suppliers we work with do.

What is your favorite raw material?

We have no particular favorite raw materials. Rather, I would say that each fragrance calls for some specific raw materials to tell its story.

What inspires you? 

For the Eau d'Italie fragrances, well, Italy! And in particular, Positano and Le Sirenuse, which are a world on their own. Whereas for ALTAIA, both England and Argentina are sources of inspiration, as well as memories of our families.

Are there particular people you have in mind when you think of a new fragrance or a place or moment in time? 

People, no, not really. Whereas places and moments, yes, as explained above on how Eau d'Italie and ALTAIA were born.

What are the challenges you face when working on new creations?

The challenge is to make fragrances that not only please us but also the audience we are playing for, so to speak.

How do you explain the success of your brands?

I guess we have happily managed to speak to an audience that appreciates what we do.

Often brands collaborate closely with perfumers giving them specific briefs and suggestions with abstract ideas like emotions, nuances, and olfactive terms. Yet, there are cases when they give carte blanche, which allows the creator total liberty. Can you please describe to us what your approach is in the creative process? 

It changes from case to case, but I would say we are more of the first type.

I know it is impossible not to be biased about your Altaia and Eau d'Italie collections, but what fragrances do you like and wear the most from these two lines?

Both Marina and I have a special affection for the signature Eau d'Italie fragrance, as well as Acqua Decima and Jardin du Poète. We also wear Wonder of You and Yu Son from ALTAIA. That said, we most often wear the fragrances we are working on.

What are your projects for the future? Are you working on a new composition right now? 

Yes, of course! We are working on a new fragrance for Eau d'Italie and one for ALTAIA, but it's still a work in progress.

Photo by David Castillo (@espacioveintiuno)

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