Eau d'Italie Fig & Berries Hand & Body Lotion and Liquid Soap - details below


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Eau D'Italie Fig & Berries Hand & Body Lotion and Liquid Soap as seen on beautyalchemist.com...

and available online at Beauty Frontier

Eau d'Italie Liquid Soap and Body Lotion - Fig & Berries

Do you love luxe hand soaps? I do, I admit. They're a real treat. Elevating the everyday I guess we'd call it and I am all for that.

As a fan of Eau D'Italie's fragrances it wasn't hard to imagine I'd love their  newest releases of liquid hand soap and body lotion.

Both liquid soap and lotions come in eight different scents housed in 300 ml pump bottles. All the fragrances sounded quite good but I went with Fig & Berries. The hand soap is lightly scented with a green, berry fragrance. It's not overly noticeable but soft. The soap itself is a thin liquid that doesn't lather too much, which I like, but gets hands clean without drying them out thanks to coconut and olive fruit oil. Do I love this, yes. I use it sparingly so it doesn't run out too quick.

The body lotion is well scented, not too thick or too thin lotion and  moisturizes nicely with shea butter and almond oil. It dries pretty fast too, leaving a soft scent trail behind. Fig and Berries is slightly sweet  and woodsy with plenty of fig and blackberry. The lotion is more strongly scented than the soap with more of the berry and fig.

With Easter and Mother's Day coming, these make great gifts. Useful but deluxe selfcare, who doesn't want a little bit of Italy, the Amalfi Coast and Positano where the brand originates from, by the bedside or vanity? It's all La Dolce Vita.

Photo by @themodulor_advertising

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