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Ligne St Barth: Vacation in St. Barth From Home

Ahead of summer, many of you might be scanning travel catalogs and stumble upon St. Barth, the tropical paradise nestled in the Caribbean’s Barthélemy Channel. What makes this island so magical? The answer lies in the richness of St Barth itself, the exquisite luxury of the white sand beaches, the tropical bounty of exotic fruits and fragrant flowers, and the overall naturalness and sophistication of St. Barth itself. Here, Caribbean nonchalance is simply a way of life.  

This is encapsulated in Ligne St Barth, the luscious body care brand that fragrances you with the magic of St. Barth, all from the comfort of home. 

The family-owned firm headed by founder and CEO, Herve Brin, is known for combining generations of knowledge with up-to-date research to create unique formulas, equally innovative and timeless products tailored to modern lifestyles on or off the Island. Ligne St Barth is sold around the world (in 30 countries). However, if Caribbean travel is not on the immediate agenda, you can find the brand online at or, the modern luxe apothecary that’s long been the go-to place to find Ligne St Barth’s complete collection in the U.S.

With 40 products in Ligne St Barth’s portfolio, snag these must-haves at the Ligne St Barth boutique in Gustavia or order online from to indulge in pampering, Caribbean rituals without leaving home. 

Herve Brin launched Ligne St Barth in 1983 with just three products: St Barth Huile de Coco (Coconut Oil), Huile d’Avocat (Avocado Oil) and Gel d’Aloè (Aloe Gel). Cultivating recipes he learned from his grandmother, a “medicine woman” descended from the Arawak Indians, the Island’s original settlers, M. Brin revealed, “I started in the discipline of science – and decided to make a business out of it. At that time my grandparents used to produce coconut and avocado oil. I decided to do something with it and modernize the presentation. I used rum bottles as the packaging and I hand-wrote the name of each product with a golden marker. [Eventually] I opened a small shop for locals and tourists. It took time but it prospered through word-of-mouth.” 

Brin marketed these initial batches in thorough Caribbean style; he packed them in a suitcase and hit the beach. In these early days, he traversed the white sands and caught the eye of sun-worshiping tourists. Soon, Ligne St Barth quickly became a coveted keepsake from the Island. The secret to the line’s success? M. Brin explained, “Ligne St Barth celebrates a passion for an idea: an invitation for people to indulge in Caribbean well-being.”

Four decades later Ligne St Barth is a cult classic you’ll find at the world’s most exceptional wellness destinations. Mango, papaya, lily, vanilla orchid and more; there’s not a Caribbean ingredient left unused. “Avocado oil from Martinique, Roucou seed (these red seeds are used in Ligne St Barth‘s popular Roucou tanning oil not available yet in the USA) from Dominica, the Aloe Vera from Curacao or French Guyana and Vetiver from Haiti,” said M. Brin.

These natural ingredients compose the products which are all made in St Barth from recipes handed down in M. Brin’s family for generations. Among Ligne St Barth’s famous followers is supermodel Claudia Schiffer (currently starring in spy movie “Argylle”), who swears by the Avocado Oil scented with Tiare flower (Gardenia), which provides a replenishing, nourishing treatment after a day at the beach. Monaco’s Princess Charlene is a fan of the Vanille West Indies fragrance, the Creole-inspired sensuous essence of creamy caramel with a hint of orchid.  

Ligne St Barths offers something for everyone. Versed in the traditions that shape Caribbean scents, M. Brin chose to bring a contemporary perspective to the category. For men, he introduced three new fragrances, each an Eau de Parfum: L’Original, a vital, invigorating citrus floral; Vetiver, a sensual smokey green classic made with the finest Vetiver from Haiti; and Islander, a Pirates of the Caribbean-worthy, spiced-up modern spin on classic Bay Rum. 

With Ligne St Barth, M. Brin has made the allure of the island accessible to us all wherever we are in the world. But what exactly has he bottled? “The atmosphere,” he said, “It’s very peaceful – very relaxing – the beauty of the landscape, enchanting sunlight, friendliness, the essence of the fruits and flowers…it’s simply captivating.”  

Landlocked or ocean-bound, dockside or curbside, Ligne St. Barth does indeed captivate, enveloping you in a world of Caribbean nonchalance where relaxation rules. Find their fragrant collection in the USA at or

Photo by Ligne St. Barth

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