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Eau d'Italie Mystic Sunset Eau de Parfum as seen on

and available online at Beauty Frontier

New Fragrance Releases for Winter '22

The holiday season is an undisputedly flourishing time for the fragrance industry, with home scents and perfumes topping many gift wish lists. According to NPD, last year fragrance sales jumped by 53% in the pre-Christmas period, and with the global fragrance market valued at $47.9 billion in 2022, that equates to hefty revenue for perfumery’s top contenders. From coniferous landscapes to cinnamon and apple-spiced beverages, the time of year has many traditional inspirations, but some brands are eschewing the Yuletide spirit in favor of more unconventional releases.

BeautyMatter rounds up the best...

Artisan Perfumes

Eau d'Italie

Inspired by the scenic sundowns on the Amalfi coast, Mystic Sunset is a gourmand floral with a floral heart of osmanthus and jasmine, softened and sweetened with notes of blackcurrant, fresh sugar cane, and saffron.

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