Eau d'Italie Signature Scent Liquid Soap and Hand & Body Lotion - details below

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Eau d'Italie Signature Scent Liquid Soap and Hand & Body Lotion as seen in Clientele Luxury Global Magazine...

and available online at Beauty Frontier

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Eau d'Italie Le Sirenuse Positano Bodycare Duo

Feel as if you're on vacation in Italy every time you apply this scented body lotion and moisturizing hand and body soap. Created by and based on the experience of staying at iconic resort Positano, the combination reflects the essence of the Amalfi Coast, described by many as Paradise on Earth.

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Eau d'Italie Signature Scent Diffuser - details below


Eau d'Italie Signature Scent Diffuser as seen on JoannaCzech.com... and available online at Beauty Frontier Looking for the Perfect Mother's Day Gift? Your Mom Will Love This Lost...

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ALTAIA Amank'ay Eau De Parfum - details below


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