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Eau d'Italie Signature Scent Hand & Body Lotion as seen in Women's Health...

and available online at Beauty Frontier

Meet The Winners Of The 2023 Women’s Health Skincare Awards

Solutions for every skin type and concern, chosen by experts.

In some ways, we are living in the golden age of skincare. With just a few clicks, you can discover hundreds of new products that promise to resurface, renew, filter, glow, glaze, you name it—and get the box delivered by tomorrow, dopamine rush included. But we know how that story usually ends: Disappointment, even anger, at less-than-stellar results.

In truth, the most effective skincare routines are simple and strategic. For a lifetime of healthy skin, dermatologists advise prioritizing three non-negotiables: moisturizer, gentle cleanser, and sunscreen. After that, the trick is to find targeted treatments with proven ingredients to help skin thrive from head-to-toe.

So for our annual Women’s Health Skincare Awards, we cut through the BS to give you a streamlined list of high-performance staples and innovative extras, all reviewed and vetted by best-in-class experts, including top dermatologists, aestheticians and the intrepid WH beauty team. Reference these winners whenever you need to revise, supplement, or maximize your own skincare routine. After all, you don’t live in a bubble; skin goals and needs evolve. You may want to swap to a sensitive formula in the winter. Or level up with a potent serum after a big birthday.

Read on for the insider picks that our pros use to the last drop and recommend to patients and clients. If you are a newbie, minimalist, skinfluencer or fall somewhere in between, rest assured that you can “add to cart” with confidence.

Body: Skincare doesn’t stop at your neck! Soft, smooth, and happy results for your birthday suit.

Best Scented Body Lotion: Eau d'Italie Signature Scent Hand & Body Lotion

"It's amazing to me, the visceral power of scent. One whiff of something familiar and you're instantly transported back to a specific time and place. That's what this lotion does for me: As soon as it hits my nostrils, I'm back in Italy, basking poolside at the famed Le Sirenuse in Positano. That's the point, of course—this line was inspired by picturesque hotel and developed by members of the family who've owned it for decades. But you don't have to have been there to appreciate this bright, refreshing blend of incense, bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, and patchouli. I highly recommend a visit though."

— Brian Underwood, Beauty Director of Women's Health

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