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Summer 2024 Perfume Highlights: Acqua di Positano Eau d'Italie

Acqua di Positano Eau d'Italie

Not being a person who is strictly guided by the rules when it comes to choosing the right kind of perfumes according to each season, I usually follow my mood of the moment when choosing the perfume(s) I will wear that day. Some strong perfumes, like heavy tuberoses open in all their splendor on sun warmed skin and you can feel all their rich nuances, Carnal Flower, Balade de Tiare de Tahiti L' Arc, Fracas, Lys 41 and Perdizzione being my favourites, and for the evening, towards the end of a long day at the beach or site seeing, ideally at a dinner in the garden of a restaurant in Provence, a floral-aromatic chypre and is ideal and then I prefer Sisley Eau du Soir, Mystere de Rochas, Safari Ralph Lauren, or Dioressence.

However, I have always considered that very fresh perfumes, reminiscent of the most appetizing cocktails with sparkling citrus juices, should not be missing from any summer fragrance wardrobe and from any vacation luggage. You never know when you need an extra boost of revitalization. As it is not a category neglected by perfume houses, we have a lot of lovely options, and I just discovered Acqua di Positano launched this year by Eau d’Italie.

I follow with interest everything that Eau d'Italie and ALTAIA launch, both houses being owned by the same eternally in love couple, Marina Sersale and Sebastián Alvarez Murena, their exclusive collections being inspired by travel, symbolic places for their relationship, such as the famous family owned 5 stars hotel La Sirenuse on the Amalfi coast, Sicily, Argentina, the lake area of the northern region of Italy or lush and romantic gardens.

Acqua di Positano perfectly encapsulates the Italian summer with its irresistible and vibrant aromas of lemon peel, orange blossom and sea breeze. Light as a breeze, calm as the sea in a sunny morning and uplifting as the scent of an orange grove in bloom, this is a unisex and universal perfume that celebrates summer, offering freshness and good mood, its notes combining in a very natural and pleasant way. The opening is tinged by the citruses with bitter peels and juicy flesh, soon being accompanied by the fragrant petals of orange blossoms, white and delicate, as if they were embroidered on a bride's veil. However, here the orange blossoms do not fully open their petals so that their well-known sweet nectar spills over the other notes, as we know they tend to do from many famous creations such as Safanad, Love Don't Be Shy or Paradoxe, but they maintain a fresh floral allure, almost innocent. What tempers their "sensualization" is precisely the salty note of sea spray that envelops the composition in an ozonic, outdoorish and energizing feel, coming as a refreshing splash in the heat of summer right at the moment when everything around seems to be melting.

The exhilarating freshness of the salted breeze defines and maintains the supremely clean character of this citrus-marine fragrance, while a delicate dry tone of wood enriches and anchors the composition. The power of this perfume does not lie in its duration on the skin, but in the sophisticated way in which it so vividly evokes a beautiful seascape in the middle of summer. And sometimes, nothing more is really needed.

Photo by Fragrantica.com

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