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Acqua di Positano the Fragrance of “A Dream Place”

Acqua di Positano - The Fragrance of "A Dream Place" 

Positano is “a dream place,” so writer John Steinbeck described it, “that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.”  Le Sirenuse Positano is indeed a dream, the hotel has earned iconic status in the seven decades of its existence.  Once a family villa in a sleepy fishing village, now a celebrity hotspot known the world over, it’s celebrated in a fragrance collection, Eau d’Italie, created originally to honor the hotel on its 50th Anniversary.  Now twenty years later Eau d’Italie celebrates the birthday of the original fragrance with the launch of Acqua di Positano, a love song to Positano.

Are you sharing Steinbeck’s perception of Positano as a “dream place?” And looking to carry the scent memories of this treasured destination with you long after you’ve returned? Eau d’Italie understands. And so they have created Acqua di Positano, a perfect summery blend of Salt Grains and Orange Flower Absolute, with sparkling top notes of Citron and Petitgrain, a fragrance to bring home the delight of being in Positano wherever you are in the world. After all, fragrance is the most irresistible way to keep the sun and sea of Italy’s Amalfi Coast close at hand every day.  Acqua di Positano makes that dream come true, from $55 at https://beautyfrontier.com/collections/eau-ditalie/products/acqua-di-positano-eau-de-parfum-spray

As the introduction to Le Sirenuse explains, “Ever since the early Middle Ages, positanesi have been travelers, crossing seas and oceans, making contacts. But we (the Sersale family) carry our small ‘vertical’ town with us wherever we go. The azure Mediterranean in front, the mountains behind, a stack of jaunty houses, bougainvillea, and lemon trees: even on a busy New York sidewalk, this picture floats somewhere in the middle distance, like a film projected on mist. We carry our small ‘vertical’ town with us wherever we go.”

The story of this dream place explains the family behind the hotel is “a story of survival against the odds, vital maritime energy, and a natural instinct for hospitality.” Le Sirenuse was founded by the Sersales, adoptive positanesi as they were originally from Naples. Positano was, they reveal, “a delightful seaside refuge from Naples’ summer heat and intense urban life, a place for summer vacations and the occasional weekend.”

As they explain, Positano and Naples share traditions, saints, recipes, dialect expressions, and the wayfaring ways inherited from common ancestors.  By the time WWII was over, Positano became home. And in 1951, the Sersales opened their home, their summer place, to the world. Word spread.  Those in the know began to discover the charm of Positano and the pleasure of the Sersales’ hospitality.

Earning a spot at the top of the best of the Amalfi Coast lists from ELLE and Conde Nast Traveler, not to mention the status of inclusion in 50 Best Hotels in the World, is simply a natural extension of the hospitality the Sersales have always offered: “Looking after guests, introducing them to the things locals love to eat and drink, telling them our stories and listening to their own.” For this family, it wasn’t such a big leap to open their home, Villa Giulietta, as a hotel called Le Sirenuse in 1951. All those who visit are honored guests, or family as they are affectionately known.  And for these guests, fragrance is always a favorite takeaway. This year the most coveted scent among the artisanally authentic fragrances of Eau d’Italie, is sure to be Acqua di Positano the newest fragrance conceived by Marina Sersale and her husband, Sebastian Alvarez Murena.

The new fragrance Acqua di Positano is available from https://beautyfrontier.com/collections/eau-ditalie/products/acqua-di-positano-eau-de-parfum-spray

To book a stay or learn more about Le Sirenuse Positano, go to https://sirenuse.it/en/

Photos by @davidcastillofotografo and Eau d'Italie

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