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Eau d'Italie Acqua Decima Eau de Parfum as seen on Glamour.com...

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21 Summer Beauty Products Glamour Editors Can't Live Without

From white-cast-free SPF to travel-size hair oil, these are our 2023 beach bag essentials.

No matter your seasonal style, certain summer beauty products are simply nonnegotiable. Obviously, sunscreen is an essential—especially those that wear well under makeup and won’t leave a white cast. But as a proud member of the greasy-girl club, I won’t (and don’t) survive the season without an emergency assortment of oil-combatting setting powder, lots and lots of dry shampoo, and something that helps prevent thigh chafing too.

As for other Glamour editors’ warm weather MVPs? They count bold blush, shimmering eye shadows, and fruit-forward fragrances among their must-haves. So whether you’re oily, dry, always sweaty like me, or someone who refuses to leave the comfort of their AC, we’ve rounded up 21 summer beauty products Glamour editors call their 2023 beach bag essentials.

Scroll on so you don’t have to think twice before hitting the beach, and get ready to screenshot. You (and your tan) can thank us later.

Eau d’Italie Acqua Decima Eau de Parfum Spray

This fragrance immediately transports me to the Mediterranean coast, thanks to a hint of lemons and mandarins, the warmth of neroli, the coolness of essential oil, petitgrain, and zesty notes of mint leaves. It’s perfect to spray on before a nighttime dinner after a day at the beach.

Jessica Radloff, senior West Coast editor

Photo by David Castillo (@espacioveintiuno)

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